Being a ‘Modern’ Muslim is like…

“Wait but you’re half Italian, aren’t you Catholic?”

“On a scale of 0-10 how ‘liberal’ are you- 10 being Kim Kardashian and 0 being isis”

“Your skinny jeans are a bit too tight…”

“Wait where’s your mum from again?”

Being a ‘modern’ muslim means being stared at by other muslim women in the mosque because they probably think I am a newly converted sister.

“Oh she’s from Gambia? Where’s that? Aren’t they Christians over there?’

Being a ‘modern’ muslim is leaving the mosque and getting asked for my number- even when I’m wearing a hijab.

Is sometimes trying to find an equilibrium between expression of my religion and my personal style.

Being a ‘modern’ muslim is inevitably shopping in the ‘supermarket of religion’ because I have a lot of beliefs that I have to reconcile.

Is listening to the media slander and demonise us all.

Is listening to bigots who believe all muslims are isis members. (FYI- the world would be in deep cow poop if this was true)

Being a ‘modern’ muslim means when I was 12, being embarrassed to tell my friends I was Muslim in case they would judge me for something as superficial as a label.

Is learning the word ‘tabosci’ from my mother’s mother tongue before learning the word ‘eid’

Being a ‘modern’ muslim is having a long way to go until I can happily say that I know enough Arabic to unveil the full beauty of the Qu’ran.

Is “basically like being a Christian who doesn’t eat pork, and oh, doesn’t believe Jesus is the son of God”

Being a ‘modern’ muslim and being half black means my chances for experiencing discrimination and prejudice probably just doubled.

Is breaking off my materialistic cravings because that for me, is the way I feel closer to Allah.

Being a ‘modern’ muslim is believing that a woman can wear a hijab if she freely chooses to and should not be shunned for not doing so, whilst also respecting another woman’s decision to wear the niqab.

Is unapologetically being braless in public. Is believing that as a woman, I should not have to modify the way I feel most comfortable dressing in order not to be sexualised.

Being a ‘modern’ muslim is attending methodist, evangelical, church of England, catholic, orthodox services and still feel that Islam is the best religion for me.

Means I’m probably going to have a French bulldog when I move into my own place, even though dog saliva is one of the things that breaks your wudhu.

BUT being a ‘modern’ muslim also means being a feminist too. Being taught that your mother, the giver of life, comes three times before your dad.

Means following the word of peace, believing still in the humanity of the world despite all the bad the media wants us to see.

Being a ‘modern’ muslim is being left overwhelmed in awe and spiritual enlightenment after every eid.

Is looking forward to speaking with our maker 5 times a day, because yes- although I do not wear a hjiab I still pray.

Being a ‘modern’ muslim is seeing the natural beauty of mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and ocean and knowing that the source of this inspiration is eternal.

Is knowing that my soul feels the holiest when my intentions are pure.

Being a ‘modern’ muslim is just like being a traditional one, except you decide to call me modern

Derogatory or not.

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