Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.


In March of this year, I completed the east Fife coastal path during a beautiful spring day and I came across this little tribute in one of the many small caves we found along our journey. I still have this photo saved on my phone and I like to look back at it from time to time as a reminder that nothing is indeed lost. It brings me great comfort to look at this and be reminded that the yearnings for past relationships; friendships which ended too soon, and love which never had the chance to flourish, feverish relationships of youth which silently and dully dwindled out, a past state of dissipated happiness, the warming presence of a past loved one- all these things and more cannot last forever, but the short happiness and ephemeral delight that they brought, although transient, are never lost. These moments–bittersweet– have shaped who I am today, and that part can never be lost.

So here’s to short-term happiness: nothings lasts, but nothing is lost.   

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