A review: Arda Tur Bus Service

We took the Arda Tur bus (a Bulgarian bus service) from Vienna to Budapest. The bus line offered concessions for students €13,50 whilst €15 for adults. I wouldn’t recommend this company however if you’re not willing to comprise a standard of comfort and promptness during your travels. 


I know it is a privilege that we have the luxury of other countries speaking English and I by no means take this for granted, however communication proved to be an issue in this case. We boarded the bus at Wiener Stadioncenter bus station where there the bus timetables were not updated, and although there was an information box, the person manning the box had very little useful information. When the bus arrived (about 20 minutes late) we were not exactly sure if it was in fact the right bus as handing our tickets over to the driver he seemed unconcerned by where we were actually intending to go.  When we arrived at our destination, instead of leaving us at the actual bus station, the driver decided to leave us outside a parking lot across the motorway. 

The laissez- faire attitude is perhaps something that is more pertinent in their culture, in which case, as a tourist you should not expect this to be commodified for your comfort. This said, we did take a 20 minutes smoking break which resulted in us being delayed over 30 minutes. The driver was also smoking whilst driving (window open- I am not sure of the laws) which I found very inconsiderate for any one who might dislike the smell or in my case, might cause aggravation to medical issues. 

Our experience wasn’t a complete disaster, we still managed to get to our destination and the drivers kindly provided refreshments (water and a croissant). There were also onboard televisions at the back of each chair for your entertainment, although no wifi. I would recommend using Eurolines if possible. We paid the same price for our bus journey from Prague to Vienna and it was definitely much more pleasant, even though we were stuck in traffic. 

2 thoughts on “A review: Arda Tur Bus Service

  1. This is the worst bus service I have ever come across the bus driver doesn’t allow you to sit on the ticket you booked the buses are 1 hour late the toilet is not operational. The bus smells like shit. I think this bus company should be stopped and boycotted.


  2. today 31.10.18 bought the Sofia -Haskovo ticket. Pokazah the ticket to the shofiora and the backpack in the reisa. Bqha obkurani mestata (dublirani). At this time the intifada ediniqt ticket will be spoiled.
    razqsnihmese with shofiora i stuardesata no te kazaha che trqbva da zakupq new bolet, inache shte me svalqt ot reisa !!! in the ARDA TUR company’s website, show me the detail of the system (you have been tested there). And the poor country and the incompetent seller of the ticket will then buy the ticket. So two tickets are paid for in the morning.


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