A review: La table ô restô (Vosges, France)

Whilst my boyfriend and I were on a brief  trip to Vosges, we were presented with the opportunity to eat lunch at La table ô restô in Saint Die des Vosges. I was so impressed with the service and the high quality of food that I wanted to write to review about our experience dining at one of Vosges top-class gourmet restaurants

We dined at lunch time (which is always a bit more quieter than the evenings) where seated within 5-10 minutes, our entrée was in front of us. The service was fast and of high standard with no more than 10 minutes between each plate. The price was very affordable for the dishes’ refinement, with an optional set three course meal costing only €15,80


Carrot mousse was very light and fluffy and creamy. There were hints of carrot but overall it was very muted so that it did not overpower any of the other flavours on the plate.


There was a balsamic vignette glaze, which was almost undetectable but subtly gave a pleasant surprise to the taste buds and complimented the delicate blend between the creamy richness of the mousse, the coolness of the vegetables and the sharpness of the sparse balsamic dressing.


The fish was very different to any other fish I’ve had. There were many subtle flavours, a hint of lemon, parsley, cumin. The sauce was a nice thick consistency and there was enough to coat the fish without sabotaging its true flavours. The vermicelli which accompanied the fish provided a nice contrast between the moist and soft texture of the fish and the crunchy, almost sweetly caramelised pasta, whilst the bell pepper added a kiss of sweetness to the fish.


I only had a bite of my partner’s dish which was a bed of crushed potatoes with tender chicken breast and a caramelised onion sauce.


The rice porridge was creamy and not at all dry. The sweetness of the cherry and the cinnamon flavour of the bread gave a delicate balance between the warmness of the traditional spices and the coolness of the rice lait.




The restaurant itself houses beautiful decor and stunning artistic pieces, the aesthetics of which aids in enhancing and intensifying  your overall culinary experience.


I would definitely give the restaurant a 5* for both the superb service and the delectable dishes. 

Contact details:

Address: 7 – 9 Rue du 12ème Régiment d’Artillerie, 88100 Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France


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