Climbing Mount Etna

We had originally planned to climb Mount Etna on Monday, however due to the continual snow and the rain we decided it would be best to postpone it until the following day. Whilst we were planning our day yesterday evening, we stepped outside our accommodation and realised that Mount Etna was erupting. I asked our airbnb hosts what the likelihood would be that we could climb it this morning and we were told not to get our hopes up too much, but nevertheless to head over and see what the officials say. Climbing Mount Etna has been on my list ever since I studied about it in GCSE geography, so with six years of anticipation I was very anxious that we would be told that it wasn’t safe to climb up. Fortunately we were given the all clear and we did manage to climb (as far as it was safe to- Etna was still in eruption whilst we were climbing up). It took us a total of 2 hours to get approximately over half way, so if you are looking to climb all the way to the top at a steady pace you probably want to put about 4 hours aside. 

Here are some of the fantastic views taken along the way- the photographs most definitely do not do it justice! 


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