Palermo| The city of Palms

Come rain or sunshine, Palermo’s glory definitely shines through. It is by far my favourite city in Sicily, and is one which I find myself revisiting often. Not only is the blends of years of domination by a number of people reflected in both its name and architecture, but passing through il mercato Ballaro  on a mild Sunday morning, the multi-cultural hustle and bustle which pours out from different tongues is a testimony to Palermo’s multifaceted nature.  Of course, being the capital of Sicily, you would expect it to be a leading city in the arts and humanity, and no doubt it is with an array of UNESCO sites, and il teatro massimo right in its range. But Palermo has even more to offer. I find it hard even to put into words the unmistakable ambience and character that is so distinctly and proudly Palermo, yet unassertive and humble in being so. You truly have to go to Palermo to experience its aura and spirit firsthand– I promise, you won’t be disappointed if you do!  


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