Scala dei Turchi

I was contemplating whether I should write a post/ share these photos, given how very few there are. I have been wanting to visit la scala dei Turchi since I’ve arrived in Sicily– and precisely because of the picturesque photos that I’ve seen pasted all over the web. 

This rocky cliff is located off the coast of Realmonte, in southern Sicily and whilst it is not particularly very close to any other outstanding monuments, it has gained a reputation as a tourist attraction due to its peculiar colour, form and beautiful beach seasons. The contrast between the white rock and blue sea is definitely eye opening at the very least and the sea’s blue waters almost recalls those of the Caribbean. If you are looking to get your worth of time travelling to this region, Agrigento, known for the Valley of the Temples– a huge, well-preserved, ancient Greek archeological site, is not too much further afield. 


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