Oslo, Norway

Right now I’m in the middle of exam season at university, and when I begin to get bogged down with work I often look back at my travel photos with a strong sense of nostalgia and a desire to be anywhere else that isn’t my bedroom or the library. Today I was flicking through my photos from my trip to Oslo in October. In just those brief five minutes looking through, I was transported back to that short break with every snapshot bringing back to life a simple moment or a friendly encounter. I realised that looking back at these photos time began to slow down again–– just as it had done when I was actually in Oslo. Our minds are naturally eager to explore new dimensions, but I feel that they become lazy and inattentive when they’re limited to the same routine. They no longer stop to soak up their surroundings and so time compresses to fit the mould of curtailed absorption. These photos are a reminder for me of the power of travelling, how immersing yourself in a new setting wakes up your mind and feeds it with curiosity.  And of course, it is a privilege to be able to travel aboard but you don’t even have to cross oceans to rouse it– no doubt there are hidden gems right under your nose. I wanted to share these pictures as a little inspiration to hopefully awaken those buds of curiosity. 




5 thoughts on “Oslo, Norway

    1. Thanks Zac! I think Oslo is a beautiful city to explore and I would definitely recommend adding it to your trip. I’m sure you already know this, like most Scandinavian countries it is quite expensive to eat out and so is the transport. My favourite thing in Oslo was going to the city hall building, they have some breathtaking frescoes and lots of visual representations of Norwegian history/ mythology as well. Grünerløkka is a pretty funky quartier that I would also recommend. Hope you have an awesome time on your trip 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the detailed reply Sophia, lots of great information in here! We’ll make sure to check these places out, I’m going to go and google that funky quarter now! 😂😊

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