Coming home to The Gambia

The last time I visited The Gambia was in 2006 and since then a lot has changed, both nationally and within my familial sphere. And so naturally, such changed stirred a mixture of excitement and apprehension in me. The last time I had been my great-grandmother (also my namesake) and my grandfather had been alive, and I was sad realising that that part of my home would not be there. A part of me was also worried that years of anticipation would only lead to disillusionment, that perhaps having been away too long, The Gambia would no longer feel like home.  Although I found that The Gambia had evolved in many aspects over the last 10 years, the warm spirit which resides in both the land and the people is testimony that The Gambia will always be the smiling coast of West Africa. It certainly felt good to be home. 


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