What if

We’re always told never to dwell too much on the what if. The what can no longer be, because you decided to take one path instead of the other, to leave that person for another, to forsake a dream for comfortability and all the while you wonder what happened to the endless juvenile possibilities.

I used to wonder what if only I had studied History instead of Geography, French instead of History, what if I had taken Arabic instead of Greek, but Social Anthropology instead of Arabic and Philosophy instead of Social Anthropology.

I like to dwell on the what ifs. But It’s always the what ifs that stirs the trouble: what if this relationship had been or that had not…

People tell you not to dwell too much on the what ifs but honestly, sometimes the what ifs make life more exciting– because without them it would just be this life, no other, no alternative. No other world or dimension to be made out of the what if chronic fictions. No regrets to be had, and equally, no fantasies to be dreamt up. 

So heres to the what ifs (in healthy proportion) adding a flavour of imagination to our lives.

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