The little victories

Sometimes in life we focus too much on that one big goal. The one that once reached will justify our negligence of other needs and desires, our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves. That one big one that will magically validate all the sacrifices we’ve made and heal all the wounds we suffered along the way. That big one that will finally let us stop.  b  r  e a  t  h e  .give ourselves a brief pat on the back before werushontothenext big one.

What did you expect would happen when you’d reached that one big goal? Did you imagine that the sweltering exuberance that comes with anticipation would not fizzle out once you could touch and taste it? Did you think that the human introspection is accustomed to linger on blessings more easily than they can dwell on pain? If it was so, you wouldn’t have let that one big goal mask all the little victories you’ve achieved along your journey. All those little victories that led you to that one big goal

My one big goal in life is to be able to reflect one day on my life and know that I didn’t just waste it, pursuing material things and relationships that couldn’t enrich my life. Striving for personal wealth and recognition that wouldn’t enrich anyone else’s. To leave with my soul satisfied that it had its fill of life and beauty.

Whether your one big goal is graduating, getting a job promotion, making it, or just being at peace with yourself, remember, it’s not that one big goal that is the epitome of your success. That one big goal may always be in constant flux, but the paths we choose to take and the little victories we achieve along the way will never change. 

So here’s to the little victories, reminding us how far we’ve come, how much potential we have, and how blessed we are. 

4 thoughts on “The little victories

  1. What a great way to see life’s struggles and achievements. We all strive to have that perfect life image forgetting about the many things we MUST have achieved in order to get closer to it through the years.

    I will like to add, your achievements is not defined by material goods but by how happy you are and the positive impact you made on others. That can be as simple as a brother, sister or niece. Your impact/legacy and joy I believe should come from how you have helped and love others through your life journey.

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  2. Sophia!!! Very thoughtful deep insights. It must be getting close to testing time. Will you study through the Summer or travel or simply w-o-r-k?????
    At my age I would have thought that I would be near the “look back” point but I do not see that day in the near nor medium future. I had my children rather “late” and there is much to do to help them along. I do not remember many goals but do not feel that I have wasted my time so far. My mother is 88 and pushing strong. Last week she was honored by her local Hospice organization for twenty-two years of voluntary service… that is after working as a school teacher for over thirty-nine years… I suspect that I’m WAY too lazy to fill them kind of foot steps but I know the testing gravity on a couch will result in a rather short, muted retirement….. I may consider becoming more useful after my girls are mostly educated and on their way!!!!

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    1. It most definitely is! I think this Summer will hopefully have a bit of work and travel 🙂 Wow, your mother is a role model for us all! And hey, even if you don’t leave the couch, you can still make people’s day just by sending a thoughtful message 😉 Hope you’re doing well Vernon and good to hear from you!


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