Warsaw, Poland

Having previously travelled to Bulgaria and Hungary, I feel that it’s only in recent years have the beauties of Eastern European countries really become more known to international tourists. Since it was my first time in Poland, we decided to stick to Warsaw and Kraków. As with travelling anywhere it’s always nice to get a native’s recommendations of things to do (and eat!) along the way, so here are the recommendations that my friend Magda gave me before our travels– they definitely pointed us in the right directions when it came to trying some authentic and traditional Polish food. 

  • Food: Try pierogi, traditional dumplings of Eastern European origin with either savoury or sweet fillings. We tried ones that had spinach and feta cheese, blueberry, and potato, cabbage and cottage cheese fillings- they were SO delicious. 
  • If you like pickled things, Sauerkraut, fermented cabbage is not only so tasty, but it’s good for your gut too. I tried a Sauerkraut stew when we were in Kraków at a vegetarian/ vegan friendly cafe called Cafe Mlynek.
  • Try out the chain restaurant called ZAPIECEK in Warsaw city centre (there are multiple). They have a lot of traditional Polish foods at an affordable price. We tried the potato pancakes and pierogi here. 
  • WEDEL is the perfect chocolate cafe to indulge in. The choices range from thick hot chocolates to cakes and pastries. 
  • Things to do: Warsaw is quite a small town in terms of touristy things to do and I think two to three days is a good amount of time to spend there. Besides walking through the old town and taking in all the interesting architecture, my favourite find for things to do was visiting the national museum. Entry for students is only 1 zloty– the equivalent to 20p and they have a very wide range of permanent exhibitions. 


5 thoughts on “Warsaw, Poland

    1. didn’t expect to find you on my blog! Your suggestions really enhanced our trip, so I had to share them 😉 thank you again cara!


  1. Wonderful shots of this very historic city… I’m not very “artsy” but the bust of the African in bondage touched me deeply!!!!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. That also deeply touched me as well!! The bust really made me feel both strength and pain at the same time. I’m glad it touched you too!


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